Our Services

Managed Services

Boston’s leading managed services provider (MSP). As an MSP, we proactively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure for you. Our customers avoid headaches and unexpected bills with active monitoring and managing their systems, identifying and remedying potential issues before they turn into serious problems.

Cloud Solutions

Geek Experts offers cloud solutions for the SMB. When it comes to the cloud, many clients in the Boston area are migrating their email and some of their software applications to cloud servers. This hybrid solution, where some technology resources stay in-house and others are moved offsite to the cloud, works well for most small business owners.

National Account Management

Whether you have 3 or 300 locations, Geek Experts has a network of certified and insured technicians in virtually every part of the US capable of just about every technology request desired — from telecom to information technology. We pride ourselves on the personalization given to each and every client we work with and have references to back it up.

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